How To Create More Closet Space with Wire Shelving


1. Center Stack
Install one shelf at 85.5" that runs the entire perimeter of your closet to maximize upper storage. Add Shelf Stacks for sweaters, linens and other items that don't hang.

2. Double Hang
Double Hang is the quickest way to get more closet space. If your wardrobe consists of mostly skirts, shirts, slacks and blouses, you can double your hanging space. Place one SuperSlide® shelf at 85.5" high and another below it at 42" for correct Double Hang heights.

3. Long Hang
For Long Hang, place the shelf at 71.5".

4. Shoe Storage
Accessible Shoe Storage is key to an organized closet. Choose from a variety of shoe racks that can be used on the floor, over a door, or hung from a shelf. Or, create shoe shelves using inverted SuperSlide® shelving supported by Shoe Shelf Supports.

5. Storage Drawers
Use Drawers to store socks, belts, purses and things that don't hang or sit well on shelves. Drawer Frames are available in 30" and 42" heights and Drawers in 4", 7", and 11" depths. Allow adequate clearance for Drawers, especially in closets with sliding doors.

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